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Go anywhere. Bring everyone.

The Forester offers comfort, safety, and versatility to support you through all your daily adventures—while encouraging you to go on new ones. With a tough, compact body that's easily manoeuvrable yet spacious and comfortable inside, the Forester gives you the peace of mind of knowing everyone's fully enjoying their experience.

Welcome to the Subaru Forester brochure, a virtual journey into the variety of Subaru Forester features that this powerhouse SUV has to offer. Explore features like the interiors and exteriors, safety, performance, lineup and cargo too.



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What are the best Subaru Forester features?

In the Forester brochure you’ll get to explore, at your leisure, the best features of the Forester including a virtual gallery of some of the finest Forester lifestyle pictures too. Get a real-feel for like in the Forester and what it would be like to own one in the family. Thanks to the brochure, you’ll be informed of the best Subaru Forester features and go into detail of each category.

You don’t have to dream about what life would be like in a Forester any more, simply explore our brochure or opt to do the Subaru Forester brochure download and experience what the Forester can offer you for real.

Subaru Forester – refined comfort, lasting durability

Experience the reality of owning and adventuring in a Forester today. Choose refined comfort, lasting durability, innovative technology and an exceptional driving experience in the Forester today

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